What’s new on Lume Apps – May 2016

We work hard to constantly improve Lume Apps and all its features.

To keep your apps working just fine and taking advantages of the new features, it is mandatory to update the app files on the stores. Just build your app again and then submit it to the stores. Your users will be notified about the available update.

If you have any questions email us at support@LumeApps.com and we´ll be happy to reply.


See below the latest changes in our platform published on May 2016:


  • Clone App Button: we added this option so the administrators can easily duplicate an existing app with a single click.
  • Cache Module: now our apps are able to store the content to be displayed.



  • Countdown Tab: now the App administrator can choose a description and a different graphic to de displayed when the counter hit the zero. After the countdown hit the zero this tab will be kept live inside the app.
  • Maps on Branches Tab: improvements on the base code gave more precision for mapping the addresses.



  • Push notifications for both Android and iOS apps;
  • Working Hours field inside About Us tab now being displayed properly on Android apps;
  • Redeem function on Loyalty Cards on Android apps;
  • Bold, Italic, Quote and H1 text now being displayed properly at Custom Tabs on iOS apps;


Have any suggestions? Email us at marketing@LumeApps.com!

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