What’s new on Lume Apps – May 2016

We work hard to constantly improve Lume Apps and all its features.

To keep your apps working just fine and taking advantages of the new features, it is mandatory to update the app files on the stores. Just build your app again and then submit it to the stores. Your users will be notified about the available update.

If you have any questions email us at support@LumeApps.com and we´ll be happy to reply.


See below the latest changes in our platform published on May 2016:


  • Clone App Button: we added this option so the administrators can easily duplicate an existing app with a single click.
  • Cache Module: now our apps are able to store the content to be displayed.



  • Countdown Tab: now the App administrator can choose a description and a different graphic to de displayed when the counter hit the zero. After the countdown hit the zero this tab will be kept live inside the app.
  • Maps on Branches Tab: improvements on the base code gave more precision for mapping the addresses.



  • Push notifications for both Android and iOS apps;
  • Working Hours field inside About Us tab now being displayed properly on Android apps;
  • Redeem function on Loyalty Cards on Android apps;
  • Bold, Italic, Quote and H1 text now being displayed properly at Custom Tabs on iOS apps;


Have any suggestions? Email us at marketing@LumeApps.com!

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Drive Business with a Loyalty Card App


Loyalty card programs were first introduced in the early 1980’s to help nurture a customer base and offer something back to them in return for their loyalty. But don’t get the wrong idea and think that they are now out-of-date. In fact, with recent developments in mobile technology a loyalty card app is now easier to implement and can be more affective then ever at creating repeat customers and increasing loyalty.

Paired with the advantages of mobile devices, these programs represent a huge untapped opportunity for many businesses. Simply put, companies are now able to place their loyalty cards in the one thing that people can’t be without, their mobile phones.

How a Loyalty Card App Works

For most restaurants, bars, retail stores or business that see frequent purchases the reason to implement a loyalty program is to keep their customers coming back to their business instead of checking out a competitor or alternative service. To achieve this you apply a simple formula: offer them something in exchange for their loyalty and repeat business.

Let’s break down how this works:

A restaurant offers a free appetizer to customers who have purchased 5 entrees:

  • The customer is excited to receive a free appetizer and may come to dine at this restaurant more frequently in order to attain their 5 entrees. They feel special and that they have achieved a goal when they redeem their free reward of the appetizer.
  • The restaurant will benefit from their customers coming in more often, and even when they are giving away their free appetizer they are more than likely to see some additional revenue when these customers order accompanying drinks, entrees or desserts to pair with their appetizer.

A bakery offers a reward of 6 cupcakes to any customer that has purchased 3 full-sized cakes from them in the past 12 months:

  • The customer now has the incentive to do all of their cake shopping over the course of a year at the same bakery. They will now look forward to purchasing their 3rd cake in order to receive their free bonus of 6 cupcakes.
  • The restaurant will now see an increase in customer loyalty as these customers return to them for all of their cake needs. They will also benefit from their customers coming in more often and seeing the other items they sell in the bakery, such as a customer noticing they also make custom cookies that would be perfect for an upcoming baby shower.

Decide What to Offer Your Customers for Rewards

Deciding what to offer your customers for their rewards in your loyalty program will depend on the type of business and industry you are in as well as what you have at your disposal. You don’t want to give away too much and put a strain on your business but you also don’t want to come off as being too cheap or stingy. There is a good balance that will benefit your business as well as your customers.

To help find this balance, you need to determine what is the most important thing you’d like your company to gain from your loyalty program. Is it to get customers to spend more money per trip to your store? Or is to get customers back to your store more frequently? Or is it important for your brand and culture to be seen as a company that treats its customers well and offers great rewards and bonuses?

Determine what you would like your program to achieve and what benefits it should provide. Build your rewards and offers to follow this plan and remain focused.

Creating New Business Through Repeat Customers

The ultimate goal of a loyalty card program is to get customers to buy something from your business even when they don’t necessarily need to. To see what we mean by this we can look at the restaurant and bakery examples laid out earlier in this article:

  • Restaurant: A family decides to go out for dinner at this restaurant and redeem their 5th entrée even though they have groceries to make something themselves at home. They are enticed by the idea of attaining the 5th and final entrée and being able to receive the appetizer reward that they have earned.
  • Bakery: A mother decides to pick up a cake from this bakery for her upcoming 4th of July barbecue instead of getting something cheaper at the grocery store. She has already purchased one other cake from the bakery this year and she knows this second one will get her closer to redeeming the free cupcakes on her next purchase.

The common idea in these two examples is that the customers have started to feel the allure of achievement in attaining their free offer. They feel like they are going to make purchases like these anyway so why not be rewarded for them. A well-executed loyalty card program will create this sense of accomplishment and give customers the idea that they are working towards a goal.

Spread the Word

Making sure customers know about your program is very important for it be a success. You need to determine the most efficient way for new users to learn about and add your mobile app so they can participate in the program.

Your employees can be your best ambassadors for the program. Make sure they understand the program fully and are able to relate its value to customers and help them get the app installed. At many retail stores, cashiers will ask customers during the checkout process if they want to sign up. This kind of model can work very well as it is at the point of purchase, but it isn’t for all business types, especially in places where it can cause back-ups or long lines. Find the best fit for your company and make it as simple as possible for your customer to get started.

Along with your staff and in-store methods you should be using your e-mail, newsletters, website and social media accounts to help promote your program. Provide information on the details and benefits of your program and how new users can join (by downloading your app). Include screenshots of your app and the loyalty card pages along with a link to the app store(s) so they can easily get the app on their phones and start working toward their rewards.

Keeping it Fresh

An important aspect of any loyalty card program is to keep customers eager and excited about the program. Frequently updating and changing the program to offer new items and rewards can help to achieve this. The restaurant example can start to offer a free dessert instead of an appetizer after 5 entrees have been purchased, or the bakery can reward a dozen cookies to customers who have purchased six-dozen cupcakes during a year.

It is important to keep the loyalty program fresh and not let people start to feel like they have redeemed their reward and now they are done with your business. Along with changing the deals and rewards you can use tools in your mobile app to create multiple loyalty offers at the same time. This way your customers can always have something to look forward to and they will continue to see a trip to your business as a step toward their goals.

Interested in creating a custom loyalty card app for your business? Give us a call at 1-703-914-0770 or email us at marketing@lumeapps.com to get started with Lume Apps.


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9 Tips to Increase Your Mobile App Downloads

create mobile apps

Creating a great looking mobile app for your business with a ton of powerful features is one thing. Getting users to actually download and install your app so you can start taking advantage of its capabilities can be a completely different task.

But don’t fret, here are 9 tips we have to help increase downloads and get more people using your mobile app:

  1. Free Giveaway

People love getting things for free and you can use this notion to help drive downloads of your app. Offer a free giveaway from your store or business that is inexpensive and doesn’t put you out too much, such as a small fountain drink, a bag of golf tees, a small cookie or similar. Give away the free item to customers who show you they have downloaded and installed your app. Continue with this strategy until you have your desired amount of app users.

  1. Screenshots, Descriptions and Icons

High-resolution screenshots and icons are essential to the promotion of your app. It is the best way to promote your app and make it appealing to potential users. Make sure to start with a solid library of high quality images and icons that you can use for marketing materials and advertising your app to potential users.

  1. Social Networks

Share the news, details and information on your mobile app through various social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Send out posts and images for you app to build up some interest and further share the app features that your users will benefit from. Also be sure to post links to download your app in the app stores and make it easier for new users.

  1. Use Your Website

One of the best ways to get user’s to notice your mobile app is to use the medium that you already control, your website. Use this space to create and display some visually appealing graphics that promote and describe your mobile app and the benefits that will be available to your users. You can use write some promotional copy such as “Receive exclusive offers through our new mobile app!” or “Be the first to hear about upcoming events from our mobile app.”

Be sure to provide links to download the app from the app stores to make it as quick and easy as possible for people to view the details of your app and download it to their accounts.

  1. Optimize for the App Store

App Store optimization is a method of finding good keywords that people might search for and making sure to put them either in your app title, description or keywords for your app listing. If you already have users downloading your app, reach out to them and ask how they discovered your app, and if that was on the app store, which keywords they searched. Be sure to include all relevant keywords and phrases associated with this feedback and further build on them.

  1. Localize Description and Keywords

Take #6 even a little bit further and look for ways to localize your description and keywords. If you app or business mainly serves a local or regional area then be sure to include keywords and phrases that call out this specific location. Example: “san jose shoe store” or “morris county delivery service”. This will help to increase the amount of relevant app users who can take advantage of a localized app.

  1. Trading a Download for a Service

If your business does not have items it can give away for free (#1), then maybe you can trade a download for a service. Such as a salon offering a 15-minute massage in exchange for a download, or a cleaning service offering 10% off your next appointment after you download the app. Use what resources you have available to offer some value in exchange for an app download.

  1. Get Your App its Own Business Cards

Another easy strategy is to create some simple cards, notes, buttons or fliers that include instructions on how to download your app. Keep them in your business and hand them out to anyone who stops in or walks by. Include the name of the app and tell them the best search term to enter into the app store to easily find and download the app.

  1. Special Discounts Only for App Users

A key strategy to promoting your app to potential users is to be able to communicate the value they receive if they have the app. One of the best ways to detail this is to offer mobile-only promotions through coupons, deals or loyalty cards that can only be received and used through your mobile app. Post these promotions online or in your business for customers to see and add a tagline such as “Available to Mobile App Users Only” or something similar so they know to download your app right away to gain access to these deals.

Interested in creating mobile apps for all kinds of business types? Looking for features that drive business, like mobile coupons, custom loyalty cards and more?

Call us @ 1-703-914-0770 or SIGN UP TODAY

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How to Create a Mobile App for iPhone or Android

create mobile apps
Creating your own mobile app can be a daunting endeavor. Mobile code is highly complex and differs greatly from the more commonly known web based styles of programming. This leads many companies and people to seek out freelancers or app design shops for help when creating an app, but they are commonly met with lengthy schedules and high price tags.

So is there any way to create mobile apps for yourself or your clients without knowing any mobile code and won’t cost an arm and a leg? And how about a quick turnaround time with complete creative control of the apps?

There is a way to achieve all of this, and the solution is Lume Apps. Using an advanced yet simple software interface, Lume Apps enables its users to quickly and easily creative native mobile apps for both Apple and Android devices.

Let’s walk through how easy it is to create a mobile app using Lume Apps:

  1. Create an Account with Lume Apps

To get started, you will first need to create your account. You simply visit http://lumeapps.com/build-your-app and fill out the following information of your name and email, then select your password and retype your password to verify. Check off to agree to the Lume Apps Terms of Service then hit “SIGN UP” to create your account.

create mobile app iphone android

  1. Create and Name Your First App

After creating your account you will be directed to the main Dashboard area, which is where you will create, build and manage your apps. To start your first app, you simply need to click on either the “Add new app” button in the middle of the page or the “Start a new App” button located on the left toolbar (see picture below).

create mobile app iphone android

After clicking through with either of these buttons you will be prompted to name your new app. No need to worry if you don’t have the perfect app name just yet, you can always change it later. Once you’ve entered the name click on “Create App” to move on.

create mobile app iphone android

  1. Adding Content & Building Pages

You have now entered the App Editor, this is where you will be able to start adding pages and content to your app along with setting up the design and layout for the look of the app.

create mobile app iphone android

Start adding some new pages to your app. Simply click on the large “+” symbol that reads “New Page…” at the top of the Editor or hover your mouse over one of the 15 icons in the center of the page under either “Social Engagement”, “Surveys and Contact” or “Miscellaneous” to see a preview layout of the page on the phone on the right hand side.

You will now select the type of app page(s) you would like to add. Your choices include:

  • Loyalty Card – create a custom loyalty card feature to gain repeat customers
  • Events – share upcoming events and schedules
  • Catalog – showcase your products or services using a catalog
  • Facebook Feed – add feeds from your Facebook account
  • Twitter Feed – add feeds from your Twitter account
  • Coupons – create custom coupons and deals for your mobile users
  • Photos – add photos from your Facebook, Instagram or Flickr accounts
  • Form – create forms to gather contact information, new leads, reservations and more
  • About Us – add an About Us section to include phone numbers, contact emails, addresses, website information and more
  • Countdown – add a countdown timer for an upcoming special event
  • Custom (Blank Page) – create custom pages with tools for adding images, headings, text, videos, lists and quotes
  • Blogging Feed – add a feed to your blog
  • PDF – upload a PDF file for a menu, flier, form or anything you need

Here are what a few of those options look like when configuring and adding them to your app:

Facebook Feed:

create mobile app iphone android


create mobile app iphone android

Loyalty Card:

create mobile app iphone android

Which pages you add to the app and how you configure them is completely up to you. Use your personal or company-specific details for account information and URL’s. Customize the pages to meet your needs and build something you are proud of, even the app page icons can be changed and selected to fit your style. Add pages and content that make your app valuable to your users and will include features that will make people want to download it.

  1. App Design

Now that you have some pages and content in the app, you can change your focus over to the design elements by clicking on the “Design” option on the left hand tool bar. This will take you to the Design panel of the Lume Apps Dashboard. This section will allow you to edit and manage the three main elements of your app appearance: app name, color scheme, and app identity (icon and loading screen images).

All of these elements can be edited in just a few clicks (see picture below):

create mobile app iphone android

  1. Preview Your App

Once you have saved your changes to the content and design of your app you can now see a live preview. If you click on the “Preview” option of the left hand toolbar you will be taken to the following page:

create mobile app iphone android

The way the Lume Apps previewer works is quite simple:

  • Download the Previewer app to the mobile device(s) you would like to see the preview on (iOS or Android)
  • Use the Previewer app to either log in to your Lume Apps account or scan the QR code seen in your App Editor
  • See a fully functional preview of your app on your mobile device
  1. Build & Publish Your App

Once you approve of your app and have made all of your final adjustments you are ready for the build and submission of your app to the Apple and Google App stores so it can be published live.

Start by clicking on the “Build & Publish” option on the left hand toolbar. Since this will be your first app you will be prompted to sign up for your plan with Lume Apps.

create mobile app iphone android

After clicking on the “SIGN UP FOR A PLAN!” button you will be shown the Pricing Plans available for you to choose. The main differences between the plans relates to the amount of apps you can create (a single app or unlimited amount), whether or not you can send push notifications and if they app(s) will be white labeled or branded with “Powered by LumeApps”. Select the plan that best suits your needs:

create mobile app iphone android

After selecting a plan you will need to enter your payment information to complete the transaction and move forward to the next step of the process.

After submitting payment you can now access the Build & Publish page. On this page you will have the option to request to use our Full Service Build and Submit or to Build and Submit Yourself one at a time to either Apple or Google. Your first app submissions is FREE with the Full Service Build and Submit solution so simply select that option by clicking on the blue “Request Submission” button and we’ll handle the difficult submission process for you while you sit back and relax.

create mobile app iphone android

Click the “Request Submission” button and confirm your request. You will now be taken to a confirmation page stating that our team has received your request.

create mobile app iphone android

Your work is now complete; all that is left is the submission steps to be followed by our team and the wait for approval either from the Apple or Google app stores. Once your app has been approved, your users can start to download and install the app and you can start to take advantage of the app’s features to send messages through push notifications, create a new loyalty card program or start accepting reservations and leads through a contact form.


Here at Lume Apps, we have worked to streamline and simplify this process and make it as easy for the user as possible throughout the build process. This frees up your time as the app creator to focus on the branding, design and functionality of your app. These are the areas that allow you to create apps that people will love.

If you have any questions about building your first app with Lume Apps, feel free to give us a call at 1-703-914-0770 or email us at marketing@lumeapps.com. Otherwise, let’s get started:


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